Here’s my current train of thought, none of it is planned but the topic. I’m just gonna let what I think spill. No corrections, no hesitation.
Here I go.

Words. They’re so interesting. I mean, the brain can automatically know what sound means emotionally. Isn’t that what words do? They communicate what we once couldn’t (before language existed.) So, our thoughts and feelings, our emotions, are communicated through sound. And we understand it.
If you can speak more languages than your native one, I give you props.
I mean, think about it. I heard once that the letter “f” is the most pleasing to the ear.
Fluffy. Foe. Fox. Fish.
Then again, there’s foul…and fart.
Either way, that’s what I heard.
My favorite letter is “k”. At least the hard “k” sound. I mean, my favorite word is corn. People find that so weird, but I love that word. It’s not like I really like corn, the food. I just love how the word sounds. That, and crop(s).
I think the reason a lot of people don’t find that sound, the “k” sound, pleasing is because it’s so harsh. All the same, I like it.
Then there’s the almighty F Bomb. It mixes the most appealing sound and one of the harshest.
It’s interesting….(excuse my upcoming language) but the word “fuck” is such a vulgar word, but it starts with something pleasant to the ear.
Heh, funny.